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Hey I'm Katianna and I would like to have not lived in New Mexico for 17 years.

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Japan’s annual Kanamara Matsuri festival, aka the “Festival of the Steel Phallus.”

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What the actual literal fuck

legend goes that a woman who had vagina dentata or “teeth” in her vagina (be it a demon or std), castrated her lover’s penis on their wedding night. she asked a blacksmith for help and he made her pretty much an iron dildo to break the teeth off

the tradition celebrates this iron penis, hence its name, festival of steel phallus

in more modern times, sex workers would to go to a shrine to pray for protection from STDs while couples would pray for healthy pregnancies and marriages.

it is also regarded as a fertility festival, where couples would pray for the health of their babies or hope that babies are in the future

the tradition has raised HIV awareness and research efforts in japan so like yeah it’s actually a very neat and positive thing yeah

oh man, I’d seen other pictures of this festival before but I never knew the lore behind it! that’s awesome!

also I really want a penis candle now

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reblog if girls are hella

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Me protecting my family from john green


Me protecting my family from john green

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Impulse - $6.99

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did she get kicked out of her house after this

what the actual fuck did i just watch

Please don’t scroll past this

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Happy 1,800th show!  Here are some of our favorite moments to celebrate.

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2 collections and 10 haute couture designers: zuhair murad (1)

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Anonymous asked: Who is your "only true friend?"

My sister

So apparently our senior week theme is “Greek Week/The Bachelor”

I don’t even know where to being I’m so fucking furious.

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